Various Tools

DBeaver - Client that supports SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, MS Access, Teradata, Firebird, Derby, etc. Reaver - Wireless WPS attack tool PixieWPS - Wireless WPS offline cracker (exploits weak entropy)  

Wireless hacking

WEP - Brute-force key recovery [crayon-5add751f0edc2165644549/] Keep aireplay-ng running in the background while we start to [crayon-5add751f0edcd098579959/] With aireplay-ng running, start cracking the WEP key using: [crayon-5add751f0edd0445347072/] WPA2 - Crack using a wordlist [crayon-5add751f0edd2168741080/] With airodump-ng running in another terminal [crayon-5add751f0edd5743374086/] Keep replaying until you have captured the handshake [..]

Windows - Useful Commands

Use winexe to execute a command on Windows remotely [crayon-5add751f0f250863722743/]  

Create customized wordlist

Create a wordlist containing words from length 1 to 6 with characters 0-9 and A-F: [crayon-5add751f0f41b360374666/] Create a wordlist containing words with length of 4 with characters mixed alpha-numerical [crayon-5add751f0f420568450458/] Say you want to create a wordlist with a length of 8, with the following characteristics: [Capital Letter] [2 [..]

tcpdump examples

Capture packets with host and port 110 and write to file: [crayon-5add751f0f58c243463432/] Capture ICMP ping requests [crayon-5add751f0f590610917739/] Capture ICMP ping replies [crayon-5add751f0f593130208148/] Capture packets with DSCP tags [crayon-5add751f0f595088466604/] Dump HTTP traffic in ASCII and HEX format [crayon-5add751f0f597131593256/] Grab the user agent from the http header on port 9999 [..]

Linux - Useful Commands

Create a file on Linux: [crayon-5add751f0f7b1372222367/] Delete the contents of a file on Linux: [crayon-5add751f0f7b6045343109/] Spawn an interactive PTY from a shell through python [crayon-5add751f0f7b9638544399/] Base64-encode a string [crayon-5add751f0f7bb207500101/] Base64-decode a string [crayon-5add751f0f7bd856267777/] Find text in files recursively [crayon-5add751f0f7bf802023875/] Simple Bash loop example [crayon-5add751f0f7c1815933939/] Search and replace text in [..]

Transfer Files - Linux

Replace with Kali attacker Replace with Linux target

Transfer Files - Windows

Replace with Kali attacker Replace with Linux target

OSEE - AWEstralia 2018 preparations

Living in Australia, the total cost of attending the AWE training in Vegas, including flights and hotel would exceed AUD 10,000$. So instead I decided to ask the Offensive Security trainers if they wanted to come and deliver the AWE training in my home town of Brisbane, Australia. I [..]