OSEE - AWEstralia 2018 preparations

Living in Australia, the total cost of attending the AWE training in Vegas, including flights and hotel would exceed AUD 10,000$. So instead I decided to ask the Offensive Security trainers if they wanted to come and deliver the AWE training in my home town of Brisbane, Australia. I [..]

Kali2017.3 64-bit installation guide on Windows 10

Author: frog@jollyfrogs.com This guide is written on Windows 10 64-bit Host. This is a very large post, please click the drop-downs on the topics to reveal their contents      

Link to my review of OSCE on Tech-Exams


Link to my review of OSCP on Tech-Exams


Review - SecurityTube Linux Assembly Expert (SLAE)

I completed my SecurityTube Linux Assembly Expert (SLAE) course about a year ago and a lot of people have since asked me whether the course was worth taking, so I thought I'd do a very brief review on the SLAE course. The course is very cheap at just $149 [..]

Jollyfrogs' pedantic guide to pivoting - part 1: SSH local port forwarding

  "Pivoting is the act of tunneling traffic between two networks, through a computer under our control" In part one of the SSH pivoting guide, I'll provide a detailed (pedantic) guide of the easiest form of pivoting which is depicted by the green arrow in the diagram above. If [..]