Objective 2: Directory Browsing

Difficulty Rating: 1/5

Who submitted (First Last) the rejected talk titled Data Loss for Rainbow Teams: A Path in the Darkness?

Please analyze the CFP site (https://cfp.kringlecastle.com/) to find out.
For hints on achieving this objective, please visit Minty Candycane and help her with the The Name Game Cranberry Pi terminal challenge.

Note: Minty Candycane is found on Ground floor in the main entrance hall - bottom left

Hints given:
On a website, finding browsable directories is sometimes as simple as removing characters from the end of a URL.

The objective can be accessed directly via this link:

Navigate to https://cfp.kringlecastle.com/
Click on "APPLY NOW!" (or use the MENU at the top right) which redirects to https://cfp.kringlecastle.com/cfp/cfp.html
Remove 'cfp.html' from the URL
This reveals the directory listing of https://cfp.kringlecastle.com/cfp/
The file https://cfp.kringlecastle.com/cfp/rejected-talks.csv is revealed, which contains the answer:
John McClane