OSEE - AWEstralia 2018 preparations

Living in Australia, the total cost of attending the AWE training in Vegas, including flights and hotel would exceed AUD 10,000$. So instead I decided to ask the Offensive Security trainers if they wanted to come and deliver the AWE training in my home town of Brisbane, Australia. I was able to rally together a few large companies interested in participating in the training. We now have over 25 interested people - enough for Offensive Security to come to Brisbane and host the training right here in Australia!

Since the training is called Advanced Windows Exploitation (AWE), we call the training AWEstralia 2018 - it will be a lot of fun!

This post is to help myself and other participants prepare for the AWE exam. Many thanks to Alpine for helping put together this guide. This guide was written based on existing AWE (OSEE) reviews and the official AWE syllabus topics.

We're in the preparation stages now - lots of learning and finding good resources to prepare for the onslaught of AWE. Offensive Security has not yet confirmed a date for 2018 but we expect them to confirm very soon. The date will be around May 2018 and the course will be held in Brisbane Australia. If you'd like to join us, please contact me on TheFrog at jollyfrogs -dot -com.


WinDBG usage
Module 0x01 Custom Shellcode Creation
Module 0x02 DEP/ASLR/EMET Bypass and Sandbox Escape via Flash HeapSpray
Module 0x03 32-bit Kernel Driver Exploitation
Module 0x04 64-bit Kernel Driver Exploitation


AWE course requirements

VMware Workstation / Fusion
At least 80 GB SSD free
At least 8 GB of RAM
Wired Network Interface
USB 2.0 support or better
64bit Host operating system (Important)
A will to suffer intensely

Additional resources